Many times sales people talk a good game but don’t follow through with what they represent to be their level of effort. You and your Team certainly performed. I was skeptical about hiring a “Team”, thinking that we would not get the kind of attention that we deserved from you, its leader. Well, we were very satisfied with your personal responsiveness, as well as the overall professionalism of your Team. I’d recommend you in a minute.

- John Doyle

I greatly appreciate all the work that you and your outstanding colleagues put into the marketing, showing, contract negotiations, sale, and settlement of our house. My mother was wise to advise us to work with you. It was quite an experience and I learned a lot from all of you. I’m not going to sound like an Oscar winner and thank each of you individually, but will just say that every component and stage as handled by the individual team members – with you as the quarterback – was impressive. You are model professionals but also very pleasant people to work with.

- Roger Kingsley, Trustee

It was a lucky day for us when I walked into the office and met Christina, the professional and no pressure feeling of the office was just what we were looking for, each and everyone was right on top of their game, meeting with Michael and Christina, learning about there sales strategy and the way they took the time necessary to explain it made us feel very comfortable. Settling my mothers estate has not always been easy, but The Edlen team is the best, they get he job done in a friendly and professional manor, I consider you friends.

- Leon Hudson, Trustee

Thank you and the team, Michael. There were some obvious extraordinary hurdles for you on this one and you all simply stayed focused on the task at hand and did whatever it took. You will always have my gratitude.

- Gary Ray

We have moved numerous times, bought and sold properties on both coasts and this is the best experience we have had by far. Each member of your team is an expert in their area and everyone was extremely responsive, pleasant to deal with and most helpful. In addition, everyone really worked as a team knew what was going on. The advice we received on the preparation of the property for sale was very valuable and we took it to heart, after all who are we to second guess people who have been through this with so much success. Also, the process and advice on handling the offers from you, your team and Robbie resulted in a very successful sale. The post sale process was similarly valuable in suggesting an excellent escrow company and your continuing involvement through the close really made it easy for us. Altogether I would say that the entire process exceeded our expectations.

- Bob & Elaine Bauer

It is a pleasure to work with the Edlen Team. You are not only exceedingly knowledgeable, but you all understand that attention to detail often means the difference between closing an escrow and falling out of it. Thank you for handling our transaction with the personal touch that you provided on a daily basis and for making the process so enjoyable!

- Tim Carr

The decision we made to utilize the services of Michael Edlen & his team ranks as one of the best we have made…every detail was handled in a very professional manner. It is a comfortable feeling to have confidence in the ability and integrity of one’s agent.

- Mary and Rolland Rohde

Thank you so very much for your commitment, perseverance, patience, professionalism, caring, ethic, insight, understanding, level-headedness, positive enthusiasm, unwavering optimism, time, flexibility and open mindedness.

- Ed Buttwinick

Whenever possible I am singing your praises! Judging from the signs I see around town (and I see a lot)…you are all very busy. Thank you again, EDLEN TEAM, for your hard work, patience and absolute professionalism throughout these three transactions.

- Judy Arend

Thank you and your team for all of your efforts in helping me to buy and sell my Palisades homes. You provided an exceptionally keen understanding of the market and your ability to negotiate was outstanding. Your sense of timing and guidance through the purchase and sale processes were invaluable, and I am truly grateful to you and your team for providing an extremely high level of service coupled with honest caring and enthusiasm for my individual situation.

- Darren Burris

In this complex market you can’t use just any agent who may be your friend or neighbor…you need the experience and talent of the EDLEN TEAM. Their extensive knowledge of current market conditions makes a huge difference in the time it takes to sell your home. At every stage of the process, Michael and his team knew exactly what to do to move us closer to closing the deal. They’re the best!

- Melissa Ratcliff

The EDLEN TEAM provided me with a sense of comfort and support and never failed to be anything but positive about selling my home. They stuck with me through many trying moments and gave me the guidance I needed without pressure. They were much more than my real estate team extraordinaire – they were also my therapists, decorators, and lawyers!

- Marlene Clark

We had to sell our home during a period of pronounced market turmoil, and I don’t believe we would have reached such an equitable resolution to our home sale had we worked with any other agent or team.

- Eric Tardif

I believe people would be better off and have a higher estimation of the real estate profession if there were more professionals such as Michael Edlen and his team. They combine a pragmatic determinism with a finely honed sense of the invisibles. They are able to read the feelings between the lines, and that is where the game is truly played, won and lost.

- Peter Brown

I marvel that our home sold so quickly and at such a good price. Certainly, the many suggestions made by the Edlen Team, the strategy for showing our property and your tremendous positive energy made the difference!

- Paul Agnew

Michael’s experience in the Westside residential real estate arena was of the utmost benefit to us. His thoroughness was continually appreciated. The work ethic of Michael and his team was exemplary, above and beyond what could have been expected. Finally, Michael’s manner made him a pleasure to work with. In addition to being very considerate, he had a good sense of humor, was always positive, was interested and interesting, provided good advice and exercised good judgment, and was a good coach and hand-holder. With this letter, we are providing a strong recommendation to anyone (buyer or seller) who needs quality representation.

- Sallie & Ralph Smith

Thank you so much for your sunny outlook. I’m sure that your positive attitude affected our Karma and landed us this house! You are a super real estate team and a pleasure to talk and work with. I’m just sorry we didn’t meet sooner

- Amy Lebenzon

We’d like to thank you for negotiating through many difficult situations. You handled the hurdles and the hair splitters with finesse. You were also terrific at follow through on all details. You prodded all parties, including us when necessary, and managed not to offend anyone. We’re thrilled!

- Chris & Roberta Lamb

I thought I’d take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I was by the way you handled all aspects of the purchase of my home and the sale of my old home. I would have quit several times if it were not for your indefatigable energy and unfailingly positive attitude throughout. I recommend you without qualification.

- Steven Mandell

Your sense of timing, superb negotiating skills, professionalism and knowledge of real estate were responsible for our obtaining a home which we really love in a very time-pressured and competitive situation and at a good price. Without your crucial efforts, we clearly would not be living where we are today.

- Charles & Rene Buchanan

We cannot say enough to express our thankfulness in having Michael and his team on our side. They treated us respectfully, and brought so much knowledge to the table, which made us feel confident in finding our home. Thank you again – we are honored to be neighbors with you in the Palisades!

- David Houston & Dawn Umemoto

Finding the right house can be, at times, frustrating, and we appreciated your patience and guidance at every point along the way. Your dedication to our process and your reputation within the community are the reasons you are the best agent in the Palisades. And your Team was not only helpful and hard-working, but caring and good-humored throughout our transaction. If we ever move again, you can be sure that you will represent us.

- Robert & Barbara Jesuele

We have bought and sold six homes now, and Michael is by far the most professional and detail-minded agent we have ever worked with. We especially benefited on the buying side because Michael took time to fully understand our desires, and then utilized his superb negotiating skills that made it all possible. We are happy to give a glowing recommendation to anyone.

- Michael & Gina Sheldon

We can say that we are still amazed and thrilled at how smoothly our purchase transaction went. Partly luck, perhaps…but we know it was mostly competence, experience and Michael’s desire to do the very best for us. If anyone is looking to buy a home in Pacific Palisades, we urge them to work with Michael Edlen and they will get the full advantage of his services.

- Kris Wong

We are so happy with how Michael Edlen and team sold our house in the Pacific Palisades. With Michael’s expert knowledge of the area, Christina’s help in styling and editing the house for marketing, Tati’s legal expertise and Monica’s assistance with the process and viewings, it made what could have been a very stressful experience, seamless and straightforward. We are moving internationally, so have had many balls to juggle over the past few months, but from start to finish the communication has been second to none and attention to detail A+, plus they have been really lovely to deal with. Really great work Team Edlen!

- Laura & Ian Moffit

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