How to Buy a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Home

Michael Edlen has tracked local statistics and trends and provides real estate counseling services to prospective homebuyers. This guide to how to buy a house is where we've poured all of our knowledge to help you have a better home buying experience.

Buying a Home

How Much Home Can You Really Afford?

The current real estate market has led to frustration and anxiety for many potential buyers. Having good credit scores, enough funds for down payment, and adequate loan pre-approval is often not enough for them to succeed in buying the ideal home when it comes on the market.

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Home Buyer Process

Help With First Time Purchases

It is well known that purchasing a home in the Westside housing market is very challenging, especially if it is a first home.  And in recent years it has gotten even harder for young families with growing student debt and a slowly recovering job market.

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Home Buyer Process

Escrow Deal Breakers

One of every four escrows falls out due to buyer difficulties in obtaining a loan or because of the many challenging things that come up during transactions that can result in an escrow falling apart.

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