How is the Palisades Market?

Market Trends

Current Market Appraisal Challenges for Realtors

Over the last several years we have written about “deal breakers” that have often come up during the sale and/or purchase process. During the last two years, the transactions have mostly been challenged through the loan and appraisal process, even though loans are finally more available than they had been for more than a year.

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The Buyers In Today’s Market

Investors have become a significant factor in the current market environment.  Investors generally have fewer contingencies and shorter time periods for processing the escrow. Therefore, they have traditionally closed escrows with fewer complications though having generally paid less for the property.

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Local Home Prices At High Levels

The fuel for this steady recovery has been continued artificially low interest rates which has made purchases more affordable for everyone, combined with a lag in the homes being made available for sale at a rate equal to the steady and strong demand.

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