Holiday Events That Are Still Open in LA During Lockdown

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It’d be quite an understatement to say that this year has been an interesting one. From the get-go, 2020 has been a roller coaster of ups and downs filled with uncertainty because of the ongoing pandemic.

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At first, when news broke out about the coronavirus, it’s safe to assume that most thought that everything would be back to normal by summer. After all, that’s what the experts told us. But once summer came, it was very clear that 2020 wasn’t going to be a year like any other, and soon the summer sunshine passed us by. Now, nearly a full year later, we find ourselves still in, for the most part, the same exact position.

But here we are. Still going strong and making the best of it!

Although the virus has kept us primarily indoors with most of our favorite restaurants and shops closed, we’ve been extremely fortunate to live in the City of Angels and call Los Angeles our home. With beautiful weather and scenery all around, getting outside and enjoying nature in and around Los Angeles has been good for many, and there’s no shortage of new sights to see and things to do.

On top of the incredible nature that surrounds us, locals have done an amazing job getting creative,  throwing fun activities and events for the better part of this year that kept the spirit of the city alive and well.

Unfortunately, most of Southern California, including Los Angeles, was met with another round of shutdowns recently that will close the doors on many of the holiday festivities that were planned this month.

With that being said, there are numerous holiday events that still have the green light, so we’ve put together a quick list of festivities that will still take place this winter in Los Angeles.

As always, we recommend that you follow standard coronavirus guidelines like wearing a mask at all times and social distancing of at least six feet.

Now, let’s take a look at what events are still open in Los Angeles this holiday season!

Events in Los Angeles

Dodgers Holiday Drive-Thru Event

Our very own 2020 MLB Champion Los Angeles Dodgers are hosting an ongoing holiday event every day until December 24 from 5PM to 11PM! The event features a variety of different holiday themes, and rumor has it includes guest appearances from some of the baseball players as well. If you or a loved one is a baseball fanatic, heading to Dodger Stadium should definitely be on your list!

Visit the LA Christmas Market

Located directly across the street from The Grove, the LA Christmas Market is a pop-up event featuring a winter wonderland that includes all the bells and whistles, an appearance by Santa Claus, and a holiday market filled with all types of homemade festive goods!

The LA Christmas market is open from now until January 3rd.

Zoom Through Santa’s Speedway 

Thanks to a collaborative effort by Universal Studios and Warner Bros, Angelenos will have the chance to drive along an actual NASCAR race track that takes them through the North Pole.

The event will be held nightly until January 10th, 2021, and features 110 foot tall Christmas trees, the largest free standing Christmas tree in the world, and several fun other activities and games.

Get a Taste of the Merry Farm at Knott’s

Although the theme park at Knott’s Berry Farm remains closed, from now until January 3rd, the park is opening its doors for a Christmas-themed event.

For anyone looking to get in the Christmas spirit, Knott’s Merry Farm will include thousands of Christmas lights, endless trails going through a winter wonderland, and a number of different fun activities and things to do during this winter.

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