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12 Things I’ve Learned in 30 Years of Real Estate

Since I have had over 1,000 escrows, a new agent recently asked me what key lessons I could share to help her successfully counsel both buyers and sellers.

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Although answering that could lead to a book, here are a dozen ideas I suggested to the new agent or people looking to make a career out of real estate.

Think Big Picture

1. Keep the big picture in mind, and remember what you are attempting to do. People often get distracted by peripheral or smaller parts of a situation.

2. Take a long view. Consider whether this will matter in a year or two. Don’t hold negative thoughts toward anyone involved.

Integrity is a Must

3. Have an intent to be fair-minded and honest in negotiations, disclosures, etc. I have often observed that when one party tries to take advantage of the other, it somehow backfires.

4. Be nice, kind and civil. As long as the agent involved is being watchful, a generous attitude usually pays off to all parties.


5. Overprepare then go with the flow. If things don’t seem to work out at first, there is usually a good reason.

6. Agree to disagree on some points wherever necessary, while being careful to compromise where it may cost little.

Control what You can Control.

7. Take a deep breath if tempted to react or get upset.

8. Trust that life usually works intelligently – if it is meant to be, it usually will be.

9. Get rid of unimportant stuff – such as clutter in the home or small concerns as a buyer.

10. Don’t be too picky, either as a buyer or seller.


11. Keep on negotiating until an agreement is reached, regardless of how long it may take or how much back-and-forth is required.

12. Believe in miracles – sometimes a seller will accept a lower price if other terms and conditions are met. And sometimes a buyer will pay the price if other terms that are important to them are met.

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