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Guide to Selling a Home

Selling a House

Pacific Palisades Peak Market Comparisons

There has been considerable interest expressed about the signs of the current market transitioning and what we might expect in 2019. In noticing that there have been a large number of leases this year, the question that arose is how that compares with the current sales levels.

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517 Muskingum Place, Palisades back patio and private yard
Buying a Home

The Internet Empowered Buyer And Seller

Just a few years ago, less than 20 percent of home sales involved any Internet use. Now over 70 percent of California sales involve buyers searching the Internet for homes, loans, real estate agents, quality of community and schools, and for information about the purchase process.

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Guide to Buying a Home

Buying a Home

Escrow Deal Breakers

One of every four escrows falls out due to buyer difficulties in obtaining a loan or because of the many challenging things that come up during transactions that can result in an escrow falling apart.

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Exterior 650 Las Casas
Buyer Myths & Mistakes

Reasons To Buy Sooner Than Later

It is almost impossible to perfectly time either the purchase or sale of any asset, especially real estate. Often when price movements have reached extreme highs or lows, they are about to change direction.

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