How to Buy a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Home

Michael Edlen has tracked local statistics and trends and provides real estate counseling services to prospective homebuyers. This guide to how to buy a house is where we've poured all of our knowledge to help you have a better home buying experience.

dos and donts of buying your first house
Buyer Myths & Mistakes

Buyer Do’s and Don’ts When Buying Your First House

Buying your first home can be a learn as you go process. But even though everyone’s home buying experience is unique, you can prepare yourself for what’s to come by learning about what helped and held others back. Before you embark on your own home buying journey, here are some of the most important Dos and Don’ts to get you started on the right track.

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Multiple Offer Tips for Buyers and Sellers
Buying a Home

Multiple Offers on House? Tips for Buyers

Home sales are breaking records. Yet buyers continue to run into roadblocks. There just aren’t enough homes on the market to keep up with demand. That leaves sellers with an interesting problem, How do you know which offer is best?

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Steps to Buying a Home

Helping Your Children Get Started in Real Estate

“Our college-age children are still single, but we would like to help them get started with owning real estate. Other than cash for a deposit, and waiting for the right time, what are the main issues and factors we should consider?” — A local homeowner

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