How to Buy a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Buying a Home

Michael Edlen has tracked local statistics and trends and provides real estate counseling services to prospective homebuyers. This guide to how to buy a house is where we've poured all of our knowledge to help you have a better home buying experience.

Home Buyer Process

A Recipe For Escrow Success

Since my team has a relatively higher rate of successful escrow closings, 90% versus 75% local average, I have been asked what attributes have been found most helpful to this success.

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Mortgage Do's & Don'ts

Loan Shop Before Home Shop

The residential loan process has become tremendously challenging since 2008. Many escrows have been delayed or cancelled as a result of the numerous recent lender and appraisal restrictions that have impacted the loan process.

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Home Buyer Process

Home Searching On Your Own vs With An Agent

“We are helping our son with his first home (condo) purchase, and really think he should work with an agent through the entire process. He and his friends feel sure that he does not need to engage an agent until ready to buy, and then he might do well to work with the seller’s agent. Could you please share your thoughts about this issue and also about the various search sites that our son is intending to use?” — A Santa Monica Homebuyer’s Dad

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Buyer Myths & Mistakes

Reasons To Buy Sooner Than Later

It is almost impossible to perfectly time either the purchase or sale of any asset, especially real estate. Often when price movements have reached extreme highs or lows, they are about to change direction. With current average prices being 25-35%

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Buying a Home

Today’s Home Purchase Process

With so much information available online, real estate search sites have made it easy for most buyers to search on their own for their ideal home. In fact, many current buyers believe they don’t need to use a real estate agent except to do the necessary paperwork.

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