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Selling a House

How to Find a Realtor to Sell Your Home—What to Do and What to Ask

When you’re buying or selling a house, you’ll likely reach out for a real estate agent. But how to choose? There are Realtors and just plain real estate agents, part-time and full-time agents, family friends who are in the business, maybe even neighbors down the street. How do you find the right real estate agent for you?

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How to Sell a House

Home Appraisals Can Cause Sales Problems

No doubt most appraisers are sufficiently skilled and experienced to be able to provide appraisals that are suitable for obtaining loan approval and are fully accordant with the professional appraisal standards.

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Buyer Myths & Mistakes

Liquidated Damages

The Residential Purchase Agreement (“Contract”) you are about to execute contains a “Liquidated Damages” provision.
It is important to note that there may be advantages and disadvantages for the parties to a Contract if they elect liquidated damages.

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Buying a Home

The Internet Empowered Buyer And Seller

Just a few years ago, less than 20 percent of home sales involved any Internet use. Now over 70 percent of California sales involve buyers searching the Internet for homes, loans, real estate agents, quality of community and schools, and for information about the purchase process.

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Selling a House

What Is A Real Estate Fiduciary?

The definition of a “fiduciary” comes from the word “trust”. It refers to anyone who holds something in trust – or a trustee. The word “trust” includes a reliance on the integrity of another person, or placing confidence in someone else.

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Selling a House

Serious Personal Issues To Decide Before Selling

Before deciding which agent to entrust your listing to, you might benefit from considering several factors. There is much, much more to selling a home at top dollar than putting up a sign, entering it into the multiple listing service, running a few internet ads, and having other agents preview the property.

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Seller Myths & Mistakes

Best Friend As Real Estate Agent—Good or Bad?

Even under the best of circumstances the sale of a home is usually an emotional process. A close friendship with one’s agent has both advantages and potentially serious draw­backs that should be considered before dis­cussing a listing possibility.

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