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Considering Alternatives for Seniors

This is the second in a series of articles in answer to requests for more informational help with “downsizing” issues for seniors. The focus here is on key questions to ask before beginning a process of “rightsizing.”

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Get Some Clarity

It is often challenging to take action when thinking about a change of residence or a change of area in which to live. Clarifying your underlying reasons for desiring a particular change or outcome not only by exploring what your options are, but why you are considering them can be useful. You can begin to get down to what really matters to you and why it is important.

What Are the Options for Seniors?

Seniors have more options now than ever before, from purchasing a smaller home or choosing to invest in a condominium that provides property management in your local area to a complete change of scenery. There are independent living communities where seniors can maintain their independence. Assisted living facilities are similar to independent living communities but provide personal care to their residents.

You may feel there are roadblocks or various reasons that a particular course of action might not or cannot work out well. If you are open to thinking about the reasons you feel that way, you may find that the feasibility of an alternative becomes apparent to you. Your initial thought or someone else’s well-meaning suggestion may only have focused on or addressed the surface issue without considering alternative ways to address the deeper concerns.

For example, you may feel that the size of your current home has become more and more difficult to maintain physically. You are considering the alternative of downsizing to a smaller place as a result. Rather than moving, would the hiring of more help, if financially feasible, be more conducive to resolving your need if what is most important is remaining in your current home.

When It Comes Down to Money

If financial concerns are the most important, are there other solutions than moving? Could you liquidate some of your other assets and use the funds to cover the costs of staying in place and hiring additional help as needed?

Should moving become the clear option that will satisfy your needs, you will benefit from a real estate agent to help you sell your home and help you through a sometimes difficult life transition.

Exploring the pluses and minuses of a variety of actions can lead to a decision that takes into account your true underlying motivation and reasons for life changes in the later years. This can lead to a better and more fulfilling path in your future.

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