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Home Has Never Meant So Much…

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In this short period of time, our home has become our work place, our school, our church, our gym and our technological base for connection to our family, friends and the world.

Table of Contents

Our Homes Are Our Safe Places

COVID-19 has given new meaning to the concept of a safe place. Our home has become our source of comfort and safety during these uncertain challenging times. Now, more than ever, we have new found appreciation of what the value of “home” really means.

In a broader context, the universe has accomplished a reset.  Most of the world has come to a halt, and the technology-driven breakneck speed we had been experiencing is now forced to slow down.  This Corona virus has given us an opportunity to rethink our values and priorities. 

As we long for the end of this isolation period and begin to resume our daily lives, history shows us that major events affecting humanity such as pandemics are not followed by a return to just how it was before.  Typically people find ways to reinvent certain aspects of their work and routine, old ideas give way to new patterns and ideas, and this unprecedented time will likely result in major shifts in most areas of our lives.

What’s on the Other Side?

Hopefully we will see a vastly greater appreciation for what was thought to be the smaller things of life. That we will engage in  much more cooperation, in mutual support among all people, and show significantly greater compassion and empathy for not just our family and friends but for those “strangers” that have stepped up to be of extraordinary service during this pandemic. The word “essential” has taken on a meaning shining the light on who and what we count on for our basic survival and emotional well-being.

Our home will have taken on a far greater significance in the way we value it. We will have learned, hopefully, to enjoy more family activities, meals together and sharing of feelings and ideas. Home schooling may be much more prevalent and basic values far deeper established. The possibilities exist for a greater and more profound change towards a world we all wish to live in.

Contact Me for Help with Your Situation

If you have any questions about your home regarding real estate, please reach out.  We are here to help in any way we can. We are glad to provide any information that might be useful to you, friends or neighbors.

With all good thoughts to you and your family,

Michael Edlen  

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