How is the Palisades Market?

Real Estate News & Market Analysis

Michael Edlen has tracked local statistics and trends and provides real estate counseling services to prospective homebuyers. This guide to how to buy a house is where we've poured all of our knowledge to help you have a better home buying experience.

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Downsizing & Rightsizing

Proposition 90 Revisited

Empty Nesters and retirees have the choice to stay in an oversized home, or perhaps move to a more updated home and face the tax implications of that.

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Investor Buyer Impact

Last year at this time, there was approximately a four-month level of inventory. When the inventory level dips below six months, it is generally considered to be a “seller’s market”. 

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Money In Today’s Real Estate Market

As most people must know by now, the housing recovery has been much greater than anticipated in 2012. While nationwide prices have increased by about 12% in the past year, in Pacific Palisades the median sale price and average price per square foot are up more than 17%.

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