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Seniors Lifestyle Improvement

For many seniors, days seem to pass into months and time just goes by. Their focus often becomes narrowed down to basic activities and they have very little communication with other people.

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Simply Stay Active

It is essential for those who prefer to remain in their present home for as long as possible to keep as active, alert, and as involved as they are able.  Similarly, for those who have become caregivers, facilitating that active involvement will aid immeasurably in the seniors being able to have a longer and healthier experience.

Lacking in the exercise of either mind or body, their energy may continue to lessen and interests diminish steadily.  This clearly is not a path that will lead them to remain healthy in their home environment.

Focusing on what the senior is interested in and keeping them actively engaged in their hobbies can improve the lifestyle quality immeasurably.  If they can be helped to accomplish some goals or wishes they had longed to do, the actual effort and process can improve energy, vitality, and enthusiasm as they then have so much more to live for.  Dramatic improvement can come from even such simple actions as experimenting with different types of foods, attending lectures on topics of interest to them, or taking up a new hobby that they are able to participate in.

Ideas For Navigating the Possibilities

There is almost an endless variety of activities that might be of interest and possibility. Depending on physical condition and stamina, it could include local or even long-distance trips, taking lessons in art or crafts, learning new games, joining a gym with senior specialists, taking up some musical or singing activity, becoming a children’s reader at the local library, etc. Being creative in writing a journal or poetry can do wonders in people’s mental attitudes.

Of course, proper nutrition and eating habits are essential to the maintenance of lifestyle.  Seniors often drift into poor nutrition patterns, especially if they live alone and aren’t able to easily be mobile.  Signing up for Meals On Wheels can at least help assure balanced meals are available every day. If a caregiver is involved, it can be very helpful to take into consideration any eating difficulties such as difficulty in chewing, manual dexterity, and loss of appetite.  Being sure to drink sufficient water every day is essential to avoid dehydration.

Some physical activity is crucial to maintaining normal body functions, minimizing stress, and enhancement of the immune system.  Everyone is capable of some activity, even if limited to stretching exercises and short walks with a walker, or isometric muscle exercises. Meditation, positive affirmations, and visualization techniques are also useful for re-energizing the spirit and extending the time one may enjoy a more robust and energetic lifestyle.

The proper use of all medications is also vital to a longer life in the home.  Often a caregiver is involved in assisting in the monitoring and administration of pills, etc, and they need to be mindful of the proper dosages and timing and watchful for any signs of problems arising from over-medication. There must be user-friendly medication boxes with clear indications of which pills are to be taken and when.

There are various general ways a senior can get out into the world, or have aspects of the world brought to them, that will help give more ideas to think and talk about.  These could include seeing a movie (in a theater or at home), people-watching at a mall, browsing through books to read or listen to at the library, going to a local art or science museum, etc.

Visits to or by family or friends can make a world of a difference for the senior.  Even regular phone conversations can help seniors feel a part of the family and community.  Going to the hairdresser or manicurist, or having it done at home if necessary, helps keep one’s feeling of attractiveness active, as can a light massage.

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