What home features buyers want in a home of the future

Home Features Buyers Want: Past, Present + Future (i.e. How to Sell Your Home Faster)

Homeowners are sometimes hesitant to upgrade when it's time to sell. After all, you won't be living there much longer, but making small upgrades over time serves a seller immensely.

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A Look At Past Home Features and Amenities

Some priorities regarding housing preferences are timeless. A safe neighborhood, good schools, proximity to shops, etc. are consistent desires in many areas and likely will continue to be high on wishlists for many years to come.

Ten to twenty years ago people wanted walk-in closets, center island granite kitchens, inside laundry rooms, and spa-type tubs in the master baths. They often preferred to do or coordinate most of the work in updating the home to their taste. Desk areas in kitchens, energy-efficient windows, and environmentally “green” standards became focal points in newer construction.

Here’s a look at the home features most buyers have on their coveted wishlists. 

2020 Homebuyers Wishlist

Today’s buyers tend to prefer either a new home or one that has already been updated. They generally like the “great room” style, with kitchen – dining area – family room all open to each other. If their budget will enable it, other lifestyle spaces might include a home office, gym, family technology-work area, and even a home theater, especially if there is a 3rd level below the rest of the house.

Today’s buyer generally prefers an upstairs laundry room, walk-in kitchen pantry, large shower in the master bath instead of a spa tub, and a “mudroom” with storage bins for shoes, backpacks, etc. Stainless steel appliances, commercial-grade ranges, and 2nd sink for food preparations are often preferred. Outdoor full kitchens and rooftop decks have become popular too.

Many homes today include “smart” systems with controls done by wireless portable technology. Some examples include temperature control, security systems, door locks, and mobile-accessed camera systems.  Electric car chargers are becoming more in demand.

Home Features Beyond 2030

What can we anticipate the buyer of 2030 will be seeking? Probably many of the features sought today, and refinements that technology will enable. There will likely be an increasing demand for both one-level homes easier for seniors to live in, as well as even larger 2-3 level multi-generational homes with the older generation having semi-separate quarters. It is likely that there will be an increased demand for different architectural styles and ease of accessibility. Many will be designed with a barrier-free living for an aging population.

Future buyers will expect more wireless access and systems, more solar and energy-efficient appliances, and climate controls. There may be well-developed “virtual homes” with remote controls to change interior décor and visual backdrops. Robot maids may become a part of a home’s electronics, and a “smart kitchen” may be able to keep track of such things as ingredients for favorite recipes and create a shopping list for items needed to add to pantry inventory. Fully automated and energy-efficient systems will adjust lighting, heat, etc., in accord with the owner’s customized settings. 

Nanotechnology + AI in Homes of the Future

Nanotechnology and artificial intelligence may be integral to the design of state-of-the-art homes before 2025. Built-in devices will be able to monitor the atmosphere (some already do) and various health and safety risks. Perhaps whole-house generators will become more cost-effective, and more owners will have air conditioning as the climate gradually becomes even warmer.

By 2030 there also may be a strong wish for greater digital privacy and serenity. For example, today the TV appliance has gradually become an information source for various designers and manufacturers. There has already been a growing desire to prevent the TV from “looking at you” and relaying the information to people who can target the market-base on the knowledge obtained.

Our team is glad to serve as a “sounding board” for architects and designers wherever it can be helpful. Our perspective includes both what is highly in demand now as well as what future features are likely to be of value to the buyer of tomorrow.

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