How to Sell a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Home

Michael Edlen has tracked local statistics and trends and provides real estate counseling services to prospective home sellers. This guide to how to sell a home is where we've poured all of our comprehensive knowledge to help you have a better home selling experience.

Tips For Selling Your Home

What is Escrow and How do I Keep Mine Together?

People often do not realize the importance of the process of “escrow” when buying or selling a home. It is a concept which many people are not familiar with, especially if they have not ever bought or sold real estate in one of the 32 states which use an escrow process. Most of the states along the east coast are not escrow states, and property sales there are done through attorneys and title companies. Often buyers who are relocating to California find it confusing when they are told that hardly any transaction here is done by an attorney.

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Preparing a Home for Sale

How To Prepare A Home For Sale

My experience has shown that a home will sell sooner and for more money if it is properly prepared. And most homes do not require remodeling or paying $20,000 to have professional “staging.”

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Preparing a Home for Sale

Simply Remove Clutter

Clearing clutter out of spaces will always enhance appeal. In some cases it will even make all the difference in succeeding or failing to sell.

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Cost of Selling a House

Move Or Remodel?

“We bought our 2 bedroom home fours years ago when we were about to start a family.  Now that we are expecting a second child we need to decide whether to add a room on the back, convert the garage,

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Buying a Home

The Internet Empowered Buyer And Seller

Just a few years ago, less than 20 percent of home sales involved any Internet use. Now over 70 percent of California sales involve buyers searching the Internet for homes, loans, real estate agents, quality of community and schools, and for information about the purchase process.

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How to Sell a House

7 Steps Before Selling

“We plan to sell our home soon and appreciate the tips in your answers about what mistakes to avoid. It would also help us if you could give a list of all the steps to take in advance.” —A long-time

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