How to Sell a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Home

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Selling a House

Have A Back-Up Contract

of“I have heard about ‘back-up’ contracts. How do these work and do they benefit buyers or sellers of homes?” –A Santa Monica Homeowner What is a Back-up Contract? A “back-up” contract is what the home seller can negotiate or agree

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Seller Myths & Mistakes

Common Mistakes Sellers Can Avoid

I am frequently asked for suggestions that would help owners preparing to put their home on the market. The following are several mistakes that can be avoided and may make the difference between success and failure.

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Selling a House

How To Determine An Agent’s Integrity

I think you must meet in person with at least 2 real estate agents to answer that one. The qualities you seek cannot readily be determined by talking on the phone, and an experienced agent will be the most appropriate in almost every case. If you are not comfortable with the rapport with either agent, then take the time to meet with a third one.

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What Is A Real Estate “Fiduciary?

The definition of a “fiduciary” comes from the word “trust”. It refers to anyone who holds something in trust – or a trustee. The word “trust” includes a reliance on the integrity of another person, or placing confidence in someone else.

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