How to Sell a Home

Comprehensive Guide to Selling a Home

Contemporary Home in Los Angeles
How to Sell a House

Home Appraisals Can Cause Sales Problems

No doubt most appraisers are sufficiently skilled and experienced to be able to provide appraisals that are suitable for obtaining loan approval and are fully accordant with the professional appraisal standards.

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Preparing a Home for Sale

The Power of Professional Home Staging

Home Staging can turn houses into model homes to showcase. That’s one reason why so much effort goes into decorating and furnishing new-home models: staging results in more buyers saying, “I want this house.”

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Selling a House

Online Home Evaluations Are Unreliable

I was recently asked by a local Palisades homeowner to reconcile several estimates of value they had gotten on the internet, which ranged from $3 to 7 million.  Whether to put their home up for sale or not was dependent on the estimated value.

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